Pega Is Bringing Some Impressive New Features to Market With Version 8.4

Pega is bringing some impressive new features to market with their latest version (8.4):

• With Low Code Development, business SMEs and developers can now collaborate on micro-journeys in AppStudio to plan and build a more efficient and user-friendly solution.

• Pega’s Agile Workbench now provides direct integration with Jira (a best of breed third-party project management tool). This will help project teams to increase agility and improve application quality at the same time.

• Improvements in data modelling and case lifecycle design are making it easier to build powerful and elegant processes that can be deployed globally and accessed across channels.

Pega is evolving to become a highly configurable, cloud-native business application configuration platform. Stay tuned for more great learnings in the near future.

Contributed by: Jim Saleh | Senior Director, Pega CoE, Scotiabank | Enterprise Technology

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