5 Tips for Job Hunting during COVID-19

1. Network, Network, Network

If you have some down time because of what’s happening right now, this is a great time to update that LinkedIn profile you haven’t touched in months and start reaching out to your network. Whether you’re touching base with old colleagues or connecting with new recruiters, having a polished LinkedIn page is essential to job hunting.

2. Be Open to Contract / Project based Positions

If you work in Technology, note that most technology based companies are fully set up to operate in a work-from-home environment. That means companies, even during a time like COVID-19, are hiring and shipping laptops right to your doorstep to get you on-boarded. Project based work is usually already budgeted for so don’t be shy and put your resume out there for some freelance work.

3. Try a New Industry

Here at Universal Rosscam, we not only help our clients find amazing talent but we help candidates find their dream jobs. We can help you too, by encouraging you to be open-minded and actively go outside your comfort zone. If you’ve spent years working in one industry, perhaps this is the time to stretch your wings and fly into something new. Plenty of our employers are looking for people to bring a fresh perspective to their respective industries.

4. Sell Yourself

Even if you’re working with a recruiter from an agency on a specific job, don’t forget to sell yourself and what you’re all about to the recruiter. Recruiters are speaking to tens of candidates daily, what makes you stand out from the bunch? Write a cover letter specific to the job and share it with the recruiter or provide them with a detailed skills matrix outlining your wonderful accomplishments. The more ammunition you provide the recruiter with, the more they can go to battle for you. It’s a team effort.

5. Stay Positive

We get it, it’s a scary time. An already hyper-competitive market and during a period like COVID-19 things can start looking gloomy especially with a looming economic slowdown. It’s easy to find the not so good things in a time like this, but it’s even easier to be thankful for what we do have. Toronto has one of the hottest job markets for technology jobs, and with more Silicon Valley start-ups opening up storefronts in Toronto, staying positive is the best way to go. Reach out to us today, we’ll help you find your dream job and make you an unstoppable force, even in this uncertain time.

Contributed by: Michael Prem, IT Recruitment Leader & Relationship Manager at Universal Rosscam.

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